Garon (scarygaron) wrote,

a sampling

The music was intoxicating. Rhythmic, pulsing, alive. It thundered throughout the rave club like a wave of fire, setting every ear aflame.

Bodies throbbed. Hundreds of young men and women swaying and rocking. Their faces masks of bliss. Ecstacy, pure and unbound. The world outside doesn't exist. There is only now. There is only here. There is only the music.

In the mass of bodies, stands a girl. Everyone around here is moving. Everyone around her is dancing. Everyone around her is happy.

She is not.

In the flashes of light, the greens, the reds, the blues, and the purples, no one notices her tears. No one notices the think lines of black mascara running down her cheeks. No one notices the redness of her eyes or the red lines along her arms.

She is not moving, standing shock still, tears flowing down her face with silent sobs, blood running down her arms with silent unspoken pain.

Her name is Kat, and no one notices.
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