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Welcome To The EMOlution

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21 May
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I am, in some way...damaged.
24, above top secret, academy awards, aliens, amy lee, angel, ani difranco, anika paris, anime art, are you haunted?, art, avril lavigne, ben folds, ben jelen, bif naked, blink 182, books, boomkat, bowling for columbine, catie curtis, city of heroes, civil rights, coldplay, comic books, conspiracy, damien rice, dashboard confessional, dave matthews, dave matthews band, death cab for cutie, deny ignorance, desperate housewives, donnie darko, duncan sheik, dvds, eastmountainsouth, eisley, ellis paul, evanescence, everclear, fleetwood mac, gary jules, gavin degraw, ghosts, golden globes, hanson, horror, house of leaves, howie day, incubus, indigo girls, individuality, ingram hill, jann arden, jars of clay, jason mraz, jennifer kimball, john mayer, jonatha brooke, k's choice, keane, kelly clarkson, lauryn hill, learning about myself, lifehouse, linkin park, lj icons, lost, love, m. night shyamalan, maroon 5, matchbox twenty, michael moore, michelle branch, mindy smith, movies, music, nickel creek, paranormal, patty griffin, paula cole, peace, phobias, poe, poetry, psychosis, pulp, rem, rhydin, rilo kiley, rpg, sad, salvador dali, sarah mclachlan, savage garden, scary movies, screenplays, screenwriting, shawn colvin, shelby starner, short stories, short story, silverchair, sin city, sixpence none the richer, sneaker pimps, something corporate, songwriting, star wars, star wars galaxies, stephen king, stevie nicks, switchfoot, tapping the vein, terami hirch, the breakfast club, the dark tower, the postal service, the story, the wreckers, third eye blind, train, tyler hilter, van gogh, vertical horizon, violin, wilshire, x men, yellowcard

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